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L'aggiornamento dei pacchetti SANE previene danno hardware

Riporto il contenuto dell'advisor: "SANE is a program for using scanners. A problem has been identified with the driver for the Epson 1260 scanner which could result in the scanner being damaged.

The motor settings in the original version of the plustek driver were
incorrect, causing a fuse to blow during high resolution scans. The driver
first appeared in SANE version 1.0.8, and has been fixed in SANE version

All users of EPSON 1260 scanners should upgrade to these erratum packages,
which contain an updated plustek driver (version 0.45-5), and is therefore
not vulnerable to this issue."

Aggiornatevi dunque, ecco la lista dei pacchetti relativi a questo aggiornamento:


scaricabili da QUI

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